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This template is used to create an ASCII 7-bit code chart linking characters that terminate a control sequence to an anchor on the current page (i.e. a=#CUU) and characters that prefix a control sequence to other pages (i.e. esc=/ESC) containing code charts describing the remaining characters of the sequence. An optional title argument provides a bold title across the top of the code chart. The arguments to the template describe the target links of characters in the code chart. Use the following arguments:

Argument (Character)
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
0 nul (NUL) dle (DLE) sp (SP) zero (0) at (@) p (P) backquote (`) lowerp (p)
1 soh (SOH) dc1 (DC1) exclamation (!) one (1) a (A) q (Q) lowera (a) lowerq (q)
2 stx (STX) dc2 (DC2) quote (") two (2) b (B) r (R) lowerb (b) lowerr (r)
3 etx (ETX) dc3 (DC3) pound (#) three (3) c (C) s (S) lowerc (c) lowers (s)
4 eot (EOT) dc4 (DC4) dollar ($) four (4) d (D) t (T) lowerd (d) lowert (t)
5 enq (ENQ) naq (NAQ) percent (%) five (5) e (E) u (U) lowere (e) loweru (u)
6 ack (ACK) syn (SYN) amp (&) six (6) f (F) v (V) lowerf (f) lowerv (v)
7 bel (BEL) etb (ETB) apos (') seven (7) g (G) w (W) lowerg (g) lowerw (w)
8 bs (BS) can (CAN) openparen (() eight (8) h (H) x (X) lowerh (h) lowerx (x)
9 ht (HT) em (EM) closeparen ()) nine (9) i (I) y (Y) loweri (i) lowery (y)
10 lf (LF) sub (SUB) asterisk (*) colon (:) j (J) z (Z) lowerj (j) lowerz (z)
11 vt (VT) esc (ESC) plus (+) semicolon (;) k (K) openbracket ([) lowerk (k) openbrace ({)
12 ff (FF) is4 (IS4) comma (,) less (<) l (L) backslash (\) lowerl (l) pipe (|)
13 cr (CR) is3 (IS3) minus (-) equal (=) m (M) closebracket (]) lowerm (m) closebrace (})
14 so (SO) is2 (IS2) period (.) greater (>) n (N) caret (^) lowern (n) tilde (~)
15 si (SI) is1 (IS1) slash (/) question (?) o (O) underscore (_) lowero (o) del (DEL)

Additionally, the following synonyms can be used:

Synonym Chracter Description
FS IS4 File Spearator
GS IS3 Group Separator
RS IS2 Record Separator
US IS1 Unit Separator