Tandberg TDV 1200

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Tandberg TDV 1200
Manufacturer Tandberg
Model TDV 1200
Interfaces RS-232C,
20 mA current loop,
RS-422-A (V.11)
Baud Rates 50 to 38400
Size 14 inch
Refresh Rate 70 Hz
Graphic Modes
Type Monochrome
Resolution 720x454
CPU 80188

The Tandberg TDV 1200 terminal[1] was produced by Tandberg Data and sold by Norsk Data (ND) as product number 110140. The terminal has a 14 inch screen.[2]


The terminal has two communication links called "Line A" and "Line B". Each of those can have up to two physical adapters connected (you can only use one at a time). In addition the terminal has a peripheral interface. There is space for up to three optional adapters in the terminal. The standard interface is RS-232-C (V.24) designated "Internal Line A (Ch 4)".

Optional adapters

  • Optional Line A (Ch 3): V.24 (RS-232-C), V.11 (RS-422-A), 20 mA Current Loop, Mouse adapter
  • Line B (Ch 1): V.24 (RS-232-C), V.11 (RS-422-A), 20 mA Current Loop, Mouse adapter
  • Peripheral interface (Ch 2): Centronics adapter, Magnetic Card Reader adapter


The specifications for the terminal is based on the following international standards[1]:

ISO 646 
7-bit coded character set for information process interchange.
ISO 2022 
Information processing, ISO 7-bit and 8-bit coded character sets and code extension techniques.
ISO 6429 
Information processing, ISO 7-bit and 8-bit coded character sets, additional control functions for character, and imaging devices.

Problems and fixes

If you get the error message

RAM Test Error 000000010

and it can't be fixed by pressing the Reset button (under the terminal), you can try this:

  1. Remove the battery jumper (ST3).
  2. If the terminal is on, then turn it off.
  3. Power on the terminal, and put the battery jumper (ST3) back in its place.
  4. You are now in system test. Press the button labeled "Config".
  5. Verify that the configuration corresponds with the physical memory on the main board (processor board).
  6. Press EXIT twice, and answer YES to the question.

The terminal should now be working normally again


ND-12.045.1 EN ND Display Terminal 1200 User Guide.

ND-12.045.2 EN ND Display Terminal 1200 Operator Guide.[3]

ND-12.047 EN ND Display Terminal 1200 Reference Manual.

ND-12.054.1 EN ND Display Terminal 1200 Functional Specifications.[1]


Images of the terminal.

PCB images

Images of the printed circuit boards.

processor board

power board


Pictures of EPROMs on the processor board

Other files

Processor board EPROM dumps.

U5 dump: File:TDV1200 U5 01.0 967200.zip

U15 dump: File:TDV1200 U15 01.0 967200.zip