Research Teleray 3300

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Research Teleray 3300
Research Teleray 3300.png
Manufacturer Research
Model Teleray 3300
Introduced November, 1971
Interfaces RS-232C,
20 mA current loop,
TTL parallel
Baud Rates 110-2400
Size 12-inch
Character Modes
Resolutions 40x24, 72x24, 80x24

The Research Teleray 3300 terminal was introduced in November, 1971.[1]


  • uppercase only

The model 3300 was used quite extensively in schools around Minnesota to access the TIES and MECC timesharing networks that provided computing to grade schools, junior highs and highschools throughout the 70's and 80's. They were almost always paired with a Multi-Tech FM300 or FM30 acoustic coupler (also a MN company).

The CRT in those units was built by Ball Brothers, yet another MN company. They were very heavy but built like a tank with an all steel enclosure. The 3300 had no processor of any sort. It was all 7400 TTL and used a 2513 character generator ROM. It was uppercase only and had no cursor control other than <CR> and <LF>. It was pretty much a glass teletype. Max speed, 1200 baud but switchable to 300 and 110 too. It used 1401 or 1404 shift registers for the display buffer so there was no RAM in it either.[2]