Micro-Term MIME 740

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Micro-Term MIME 740
Manufacturer Micro-Term
Model MIME 740
Introduced March, 1982
Introductory Price $1,295
Interfaces RS-232C,
20 mA current loop
Baud Rates up to 19200
Phosphor P31 green
Character Modes
Resolutions 80x24, 132x24
Status Line Yes
Matrix 7x11
Personalities DEC VT100
Software Libraries
gnuplot Name regis

The Micro-Term MIME 740 terminal was introduced in March, 1982 at a price of $1,295.[1] By March, 1983 the priced had fallen to $1,175. A graphics board was introduced in March, 1983 at a price of $1,095 for Tektronix 4010 compatibility and a ReGIS option was introduced for an additional $295.[2]



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