Megatek Whizzard 7250

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Megatek Whizzard 7250
Manufacturer Megatek
Model Whizzard 7250
Introduced April, 1980
Introductory Price <$20,000
Interface RS-232C
Baud Rates 9600
Refresh Rate 30 Hz

The Megatek Whizzard 7250 is a color raster graphics terminal introduced in April, 1980 at a price of less than $25,000, or $20,000 with a black-and-white monitor.[1]


  • 4096x4096 points addressable
  • up to four color CRTs or 16 black-and-white monitors
  • dynamic vector refresh display system
  • display list memory of up to 196K bytes of 32-bit words, holding two vectors or 4 characters per word


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