IBM 3191

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IBM 3191
Manufacturer IBM
Model 3191
Introduced June, 1986
Introductory Price $1,295
Size 12-inch
Phosphors green, amber
Character Modes
Resolution 80x24
Personalities IBM 3270

The IBM 3191 terminal was introduced in June, 1986. The 3191 is a high-quality, monochrome CRT display station used in cluster configurations with the 3174, 3276, or 3274 for displaying alphanumeric data, and for entering data into and receiving data from System/360, System/370, 43XX, 303X, 308X, and 3090 Processors. It also attaches to the 4701 and 4702 via the Device Cluster Adapter and 43XX systems via the Display Printer Adapter or the 4361 via the Workstation Adapter. The System/8100 also supports the 3191 in alphanumeric mode when attached via 3274. The 3191 supports 1,920 characters in 80 columns by 24 rows. [1]