Beehive Micro Bee

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Beehive Micro Bee
Beehive Micro Bee 112714128188-1.jpg
Manufacturer Beehive
Model Micro Bee
Introduced February, 1979
Introductory Price $995
Interfaces RS-232C,
20 mA current loop
Baud Rates 110, 300, 1200, 1800, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200
Size 12-inch
Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Character Modes
Resolution 80x24
Status Line Yes
Matrix 8x8
CPU Intel 8085A

The Beehive Micro Bee terminal was introduced in February, 1979 at a price of $995.[1][2] [3] The Micro Bee was intended to service the OEM market with customizable firmware and a choice of integrated or detached keyboard enclosures.

The Micro Bee 1A and DM1A both offer a buffered, bidirectional auxiliary serial port and an array of 20 function keys which control the auxiliary port, move the cursor, activate memory locking, set visual attributes or initiate up to twelve user-assigned CPU functions. The DM10 is identical to the Micro Bee except for the enclosure -- the DM10 has a detachable keyboard but the Micro Bee does not. The DM1A is identical to the Micro Bee 1A except for the enclosure -- the DM1A has a detachable keyboard but the 1A does not.




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