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Prefix Acronym Description Parameters
{{{1}}} {{{3}}} {{{4}}} none
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This template is used to provide a row in a table that describes a control sequence with an associated acronym. The header for the table should be provided with the CodeDescriptionHeaderA template. The arguments are positional and are as follows:

Argument Description
1 Character prefix for this control sequence, such as ETX, B, b, [, etc.
2 Anchor name linked from the codechart to this description row, i.e. etx, lowera, etc.
3 Acronym for the control sequence, i.e. CUP, DECSC
4 Description of the control sequence, i.e. Cursor Position
5 Description of the parameters, i.e. Pn=1. Defaults to none if not provided.

See the associated template CodeDescriptionRow for description rows without an acronym.