Tandberg TDV 2220

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Tandberg TDV 2220
Tandberg TDV 2220.jpg
Manufacturer Tandberg
Model TDV 2220
Introduced October, 1980
Interfaces RS-232C (V.24),
RS-422 (V.11),
20 mA current loop
Baud Rates 50, 75, 110, 134.5, 200, 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200
Size 15-inch
Phosphor P31 green
Refresh Rate 50 Hz
Character Modes
Resolution 80x25
Status Line Yes
Attributes Normal,
Matrix 7x9
CPU 8085
ROM up to 24K
RAM up to 24K

The Tandberg TDV 2220 terminal was produced by Tandberg Data in 1980[1] as a model of the TDV 2200 series terminals.[2][3] This terminal is ECMA-48 compatible, with forms and editing functions.[4] Fun fact: In December 1982 the computer installation at Risø National Laboratory in Roskilde, Denmark. had two Tandberg TDV 2220 Visual Display Units.[5]

TDV 2220 is the "top-of-the-line" in the TDV 2200 series. It can be used both as a character-by-character and a buffered terminal. The control codes used are based on international standards (ECMA-48, ANSI X3.64 and ISO DP 6429).[6]


Standard line interface is V.24 and V.11 (only one can be used at a time), current loop optional. Standard printer interface is V.11, V.24 or current loop optional.


The terminal has eight PUSH-keys, providing (by use of SHIFT) sixteen functions. PUSH, Programmable Utility for String Handling, allows the user (or the host computer) to program often used words or code sequences that can be transmitted by pushing the appropriate PUSH-key. The strings associated with PUSH-keys are stored in non-volatile memory and are not lost when power is turned off.

Local Printer

A local printer can be attached. Printer commands for printing all or parts of screen content. Local and remote printer control, giving hard copy, terminal bypass or transaction logging. Optional one-page print buffer enables printing to be done as background activity.

Settings in non-volatile memory

Certain terminal characteristics are determined by switches residing in non-volatile memory. Switches can easily be altered using self-explanatory menus

Language versions

  • TDV 2220 International (product number 4029)
  • TDV 2220 ECMA Norwegian (product number 4031)
  • TDV 2220 Norwegian (product number 4033)
  • TDV 2220 Swedish (product number 4035)
  • TDV 2220 German (product number 4037)


  • Current loop adapter line (product number 961145)
  • Current loop adapter printer (product number 961145)
  • V.24 adapter printer (product number 961120)
  • Print buffer (product number 961262)
  • Multi page option 1 - 3 extra pages (product number 961148)
  • Multi page option 2 - 7 extra pages (product number 961147)
  • Security locks (product number 961171)


TDV 2220 Owner's Manual (product number 961329).

TDV 2200 Series Hardware manual (product number 961328).

TDV 2200 S Specifications & Installation Guide (Part no. 402227)

TDV 2200/9 User's Guide (ND) (Part no. 398332)