Megadata 700

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Megadata 700
Manufacturer Megadata
Model 700
Introduced May, 1977
Introductory Price $9,550
Interfaces RS-232C,
Baud Rates 150-9600, 38400

The Megadata 700 terminal was introduced in May, 1977 at a price of $5,990.[1][2] It can emulate any five terminal protocols that can fit in its 12K programmable ROM.


  • 12-bit mircoprocessor
  • supports IBM Binary Synchronous Communication (BSC)
  • supports IBM Synchronous Data Link Control (SDLC)
  • 126-key keyboard with up to 71 function keys and 12 status keys with audible alarms
  • printer interface
  • options:
    • additional memory section
    • floppy disks
    • other peripherals
  • system diagnostics perform tests of disk operation, terminal memory and communications functions


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