Wyse WY-50

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Wyse WY-50
Wyse WY-50.jpg
Manufacturer Wyse
Model WY-50
Introduced October, 1983
Introductory Price $695
Interface RS-232C
Baud Rates 50, 75, 110, 134.5, 150, 300, 600, 1200, 1800, 2000, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400
Size 14-inch
Phosphors Green, Amber
Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Character Modes
Resolutions 80x24, 132x24
Matrix 7x13
Cell 10x13
CPU 11 MHz Intel 8031
ROM 4 KB to 16 KB
Personalities ADDS Viewpoint,
Hazeltine 1500,
Lear Siegler ADM-31,
TeleVideo 910,
TeleVideo 920,
TeleVideo 925,
Wyse WY-100
Software Libraries
Terminfo Name wy50

The Wyse WY-50 (commonly referred to as the Wyse 50) is an ASCII terminal that was designed and manufactured by Wyse Technology. Introduced in October 1983 at a price of $695, it became Wyse's best selling terminal model until the introduction of the WY-60 (which was the best-selling ASCII terminal of all time from any manufacturer, outselling all of DEC's VT models combined.) [1]

The Wyse 50's popularity largely stemmed from its combination of an ultra-low price (half the price of the competition at the time of introduction), and its rich assortment of features which outpaces other budget terminals.

The Wyse 50 is an improved version of Wyse's first terminal, the WY-100. Both models use the same native commands, so the Wyse 50 is a plug-compatible replacement for the Wyse 100.

The Wyse 50/Wyse 100 native emulation is a direct copy of Lear Siegler ADM-31, so the Wyse 50 was marketed as a plug-compatible replacement for the ADM-31, but offers more features and crisper screen display at a substantially lower price.

In September 1985, the Wyse 50+ was introduced alongside the Wyse 50. Physically identical to the original Wyse 50, the 50+ is an interim product which was only marketed and sold for seven months, while Wyse was bringing the WY-60 to market. The Wyse 50+ offers several key features of a Wyse 60, inside the physical shell of a Wyse 50.

Wyse 50 specs:

Wyse 50+ specs:

Wyse offered a technical document for their technicians, FEB050, which outlined how to convert a WY50 logic board to a WY50+logic board.

Common features to Wyse 50 and Wyse 50+:

Pros of the Wyse 50/50+:

Cons of the Wyse 50/50+:

In September, 1986 the price was cut from $599 to $499. [2]


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