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* [[User:Legalize/templates|templates]]
* Google books templates
** [[:Template:cite google books|cite google books]]
** TODO: display_page_prefix
** TODO: display_page
*** [[:Template:Computerworld|Computerworld citation template]]
*** [[:Template:NetworkWorld|Network Work citation template]]
*** [[:Template:InfoWorld|InfoWorld citation template]]
*** [[:Template:PCMag|PC Mag citation template]]
* [[:Template:infobox terminal|infobox terminal]]
** TODO: intro_year number check
** TODO: deprecated_year number check
** TODO: firmware ROM
** TODO: firmware RAM
** TODO: firmware NVRAM
** TODO: firmware processor, i.e. 16.7 MHz Motorola 68000
** TODO: move "infobox terminal/error" to "Template:template error" and use error template in google books citation template
===Items to research===
===Items to research===

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Items to research