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This template is used to create an infobox for a particular terminal server.

The parameters are all named. Two of the parameters, manufacturer and model, are required and must match the PAGENAME of the article. All other parameters can be omitted and will result in no associated displayed information.

Section Parameter Meaning
Basic Information manufacturer (required) The name of the manufacturer, as categorized on the wiki. The name will be linked to the category page for the manufacturer. Detailed information about the manufacturer is given on it's category page, including links to any pages on Wikipedia for the company if they exist.
model (required) The model name of the terminal server. In some cases the model name is reported inconsistently in different references, including different text from the manufacturer. Use a model name taxonomy that is consistent across all models from the same manufacturer. For instance, some documentation from DEC refers to the DEC VT100 as VT100 and some refers to it as VT-100.
image The filename of a canonical image uploaded for this terminal. It will be formatted as a thumbnail that links to the media page for the uploaded file. The uploaded file should be categorized to the manufacturer with the model name used as the sort key, e.g. [[Category:DEC|DECserver 100]].
Lifetime intro_prior If non-empty, will result in the phrase prior to being prepended to the introduction date
intro_month The name of the month when the terminal server was introduced, if known. This may be prior to the date when the terminal server was actually available for shipment, as an announcement of the terminal server may be made prior to it first being shipped as a product. Use January, February, etc.
intro_year The year in which the terminal server was introduced.
intro_price The price of the terminal server when it was first introduced.
discontinued_month The month in which the terminal server was discontinued.
discontinued_year The year in which the terminal server was discontinued.
Communication ports The number of terminal ports on the server.
port_connector The type of physical connector for the terminal ports, e.g. DB25 or RJ45
interface The primary communications interface offered by the terminal ports, e.g. RS-232C
interface5 Up to 5 interface types are supported. A particular terminal server may be offered in minor variants of the model that support different interfaces, e.g. 20 mA current loop.
baud_rates The baud rates supported by the terminal ports. If only a range of baud rates is known, use the form smallest-largest, e.g. 100-19200. If all the discrete baud rates supported by the terminal are known, list them in order from smallest to largest, e.g. 100, 150, 300.
network_interface The concentrated interface to the larger environment, e.g. 1 Mbit ethernet
Firmware cpu The name of the microprocessor, if any, for this terminal server. Include the clock rate if it is known and always include the manufacturer of the architecture, e.g. 1 MHz Mostek 6502
rom The amount of firmware read-only memory for this terminal server, if any, e.g. 32K
ram The amount of firmware random access memory for this terminal server, if any, e.g. 2K.


{{infobox terminal server
| manufacturer =
| model =
| image =
| intro_year =
| intro_month =
| intro_prior =
| intro_price =
| discontinued_year =
| discontinued_month =
| ports =
| port_connector =
| interface =
| interface2 =
| interface3 =
| interface4 =
| interface5 =
| baud_rates =
| network_interface =
| cpu =
| rom =
| ram =