Tektronix XP29P

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Tektronix XP29P
Tektronix XP29P.jpg
Manufacturer Tektronix
Model XP29P
Introduced May, 1991
Introductory Price $6,995
Interface ethernet
Size 19-inch
Graphic Modes
Type PseudoColor
Resolution 1280x1024
CPU Motorola 68030
ROM 128 K
RAM 7 MB to 39 MB

The Tektronix XP29P was the first PEX terminal from Tektronix introduced in May, 1991 at a base price of $6,995.[1][2]


  • TI TMS34020 graphics processor with TI TMS34082 floating-point coprocessor
  • 256 colors from a palette of 16.7 million


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