Tektronix 4027

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Tektronix 4027
Tektronix 4027A.jpg
Manufacturer Tektronix
Model 4027
Introduced 1979
Introductory Price $8,695
Interface RS-232C
Baud Rates 9600
Size 12-inch
Character Modes
Resolution 80x34
Matrix 7x9

The Tektronix 4027 terminal was introduced in 1979.[1] It was the first color raster graphics terminal offered by Tektronix. The Tektronix 4027A terminal was introduced in 1982."Tektronix Catalog". Tektronix. 1982. http://manx-docs.org/collections/legalize/tektronix/catalog/Tektronix_Catalog_1982.pdf. Retrieved April 17, 2012.