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This main page should provide a guide into the rest of the content.

Model Template

Pages for terminal models should contain an infobox on the right that contains a standard set of items:

  • canonical photo
  • model name
  • manufacturer name
  • date offered
  • date discontinued
  • communication options: serial, ethernet, polled, etc.
  • operating baud rates, if serial
  • range of displayable characters
  • size of display memory (24 lines by 80 columns, 66 lines by 80 columns, etc.)
  • size of character cell matrix (7x9, etc.), supports half-pixel shift
  • supports a forms/block mode
  • supports line drawing character set
  • supports custom character set
  • half/full duplex
  • video attributes: underline, inverse, bold, half bright, blink
  • color text
  • personalities: i.e. emulates vt52, vt100, 4010, etc., linked to pages emulated
  • graphics resolution, i.e. 640x480
  • graphics color resolution
    • bit depth of color specifications
    • number of colors on screen
    • number of colors in palette
    • depth of frame buffer, i.e. number of bitplanes
  • print technology (thermal, dot matrix, type ball, daisy wheel, type hammer)
  • print dot density (thermal, dot matrix)
  • display technology: dvst, vector crt, raster crt


Include links to BitSavers documentation as bulleted list inside a section. For an example, see Lear Siegler ADM-3A


For documentation that is listed in manx, but not present on bitsavers, include a link to the details page for the documentation in manx.

For an example, see Hazeltine 1400