Modgraph GX-100 F5

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Modgraph GX-100 F5
Manufacturer Modgraph
Model GX-100 F5
Introduced March, 1984
Introductory Price $4,545
Graphic Modes
Type Monochrome
Resolution 768x585
RAM 64 K

The Modgraph GX-100 F5 terminal is a monochrome graphics terminals that is an enhanced version of the GX-100 terminal. It was introduced in March, 1984 at a price of $4,545.[1]


  • 768x585 resolution
  • dual 5.25" floppy drives
  • local processing with CP/M
  • disk controller reads and writes 15 formats


  1. Systems & Peripherals: Graphics Systems, Computerworld, March 5, 1984, pg. 78