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== Browsing ==
== Browsing ==
Browse by [[:Category:Manufacturer|manufacturer]].
Browse by [[:Category:Manufacturer|manufacturer]] or by [[:Category:Year of Introduction|year of introduction]].

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Welcome to the terminals wiki!

This wiki contains information about the computer peripheral devices referred to as terminals. Terminals have a long history in computing, beginning with modified teletype machines that were used as the operator consoles of early computers. Terminals evolved from the electromechanical teletype to printing terminals with no local processing to CRT video terminals with on screen editing to graphics terminals with a local graphical user interface. What they all share in common is that they interact with a remote computer where the actual work takes place.

Over the years, a number of web sites have been devoted to various aspects of terminals. Inspiration for this wiki came from Paul Williams who created, and Richard Shuford who archived many useful postings related to terminals from usenet newsgroups such as comp.terminals. This wiki was created by three collectors of vintage computer terminals who wanted to provide a single resource for all the information we have about computer terminals.


Browse by manufacturer or by year of introduction.

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