IBM 3161

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IBM 3161
Ibm3161 1.jpg
Manufacturer IBM
Model 3161
Interfaces RS-232C,
RS-422A (Model 11 only)
Size 12-inch
Phosphors green, amber (possibly not available upon launch; not mentioned in the original documentation)
Refresh Rate 68 Hz
Character Modes
Resolution 80x25 (but 25th row is a dedicated status line)
Personalities ADDS Viewpoint,
Hazeltine 1500,
IBM 3101,
Lear Siegler ADM-3A,
Lear Siegler ADM-5,
TeleVideo 910

The IBM 3161 terminal is an ASCII terminal, introduced by IBM in June of 1985.[1] Internally, it uses a 6800 CPU, and supports an expansion cartridge, which went unused on this model. It was used for VT100 emulation on IBM's other, very similar offering, the 3163. The Model 11 version of this terminal supports either RS-232C or RS-422A on the main port (number 2, the center connector on the back), while the normal 3161 supports only RS-232C.

This IBM 3161 uses the same CRT used on the IBM 3163, IBM 3191, and IBM 3196 display stations, although only some of these screens have cables with D-Subminiature plugs on both ends. Some are moulded into the back of the display element's casing. An amber display is not mentioned in the IBM 3161/3163 ASCII Display Station Description, but it appears some with malfunctioning displays were replaced with 3191 amber displays, possibly by IBM itself.



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