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DEC VT05 121708587772-1.jpg
Manufacturer DEC
Model VT05
Introduced November, 1970
Interfaces RS-232C,
20 mA current loop
Baud Rates 110, 150, 300, 600, 1200, 2400
Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Character Modes
Resolution 72x20
Matrix 5x7
CPU discrete logic
Code Chart DEC VT05

The DEC VT05 DECscope terminal was introduced in November, 1970 at the Fall Joint Computer Conference.[1][2] It was DEC's first raster video terminal. The VT05A supported baud rates up to 300 baud, the VT05B supported baud rates up to 2400 baud.[3] The VT05 could transmit both lower and upper case, but could only display upper case.

The terminal consists of a single enclosure housing the screen, keyboard and discrete control circuitry. The control circuitry is housed in a small card cage housing 4 card modules interconnected by a backplane. The modules are designated M7000 (cursor control), M7001 (character generator and timing), M7002 (memory and memory timing), and either M7003 (interface) or M7004 (high speed interface).

The VT05 was more than a "glass tty" with the following features:

  • cursor home
  • directional cursor movement
  • direct cursor positioning
  • erase to end of line
  • erase to end of screen
  • fixed horizontal tab stops

The VT05 can overlay its alphanumeric display on top of an incoming RS-170 video signal. The combined display is available from a connector on the rear of the terminal.



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