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Manufacturer DEC
Model GT62
Introduced November, 1975
Introductory Price $47,500
Size 21-inch
CPU PDP-11/10 or PDP-11/34
RAM 16K 16-bit words

The DEC GT62 is a dynamic refresh graphics terminal system with local processing introduced in November, 1975 at a price of $47,500. The GT62 is a combination of a PDP-11/10 minicomputer, a free-standing ASCII keyboard, provisions for communications links and the VS60 display subsystem. The VS60 display subsystem was also made available for other PDP-11 minicomputers at a price of $38,800.[1]

In February, 1977 the GT62 was upgraded by replacing the PDP-11/10 processor with a PDP-11/34 with 16K words of MOS memory, ROM bootstrap and real-time clock. A dual floppy disk unit is provided for diagnostics as well as stand-alone operation. The upgraded GT62 can drive two independent CRTs and was listed at a price of $55,000.


  • light pen
  • local processing on PDP-11/10
  • RT-11 and RSX-11 operating system support
  • FORTRAN graphics subroutine package


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