C. Itoh CIT-220

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C. Itoh CIT-220
C. Itoh CIT-220 261470332635-8.jpg
Manufacturer C. Itoh
Model CIT-220
Introduced prior to August, 1985
Interface RS-232C
Size 12-inch
Character Modes
Resolutions 80x24, 132x24
Personalities DEC VT52,
DEC VT100,

The C. Itoh CIT-220 terminal was compatible with the DEC VT220. It was introduced sometime before August, 1985.

The CIT-220+ variant was introduced in August, 1985 at a price of $995. It included an enhanced keyboard compared to the CIT-220.[1]

DEC had alleged patent infringment by C. Itoh on the terminal, but lost a lawsuit in the matter.[2] The lawsuit was settled with an agreement by C. Itoh to stop selling the CIT-220+ and change the format of its setup screens.[3]



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