TI Silent 700 Model 733

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TI Silent 700 Model 733
TI Silent 700 Model 733 121395789843-1.jpg
Manufacturer TI
Model Silent 700 Model 733
Introduced July, 1973
Introductory Price $1,500 (KSR), $2,750 (KSR)
Interface RS-232C
Baud Rates 110, 150, 300, 1200
CPU Discrete Logic

The TI Silent 700 Model 733 was introduced in July, 1973.[1][2] It was available in keyboard send/receive (KSR) and automatic send/receive (ASR) models. The ASR model used dual cassette tapes for data storage. The ASR model could transmit at 1200 bps from the cassette storage, but the print mechanism could operate at a maximum of 30 cps (300 baud). The model 733 is a variant of the model 732 that uses US ASCII character codes.