HP Envizex

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HP Envizex
HP Envizex a SERIES 251432925791-1.jpg
Manufacturer HP
Model Envizex
Interface Ethernet
Graphic Modes
Type PseudoColor
Resolution 1280x1024
CPU 25/28/33 MHz Intel i960CF (i/a/p)
RAM 4 MB to 102/132 MB (ai/p)

The HP Envizex terminal is an X Window System terminal, the successor to the 700/RX series terminals, featuring the same flat pizzabox case and a slightly modified architecture with a faster version of the Intel i960 RISC CPU. They have a (very quiet) fan inside. Three different series (a, i, and p) were available with minor differences in hardware configuration.

CPU 28 MHz Intel i960CF 25 MHz Intel i960CF 33 MHz Intel i960CF
Base RAM 4 MB 4 MB 6 MB
Maximum RAM 132 MB 132 MB 102 MB
SIMM Slots 4 4 3
Video Resolution 1280x1024 1024x768 1280x1024

Common features to all Envizex terminals:

  • Memory expansion through 32 MB 72-pin non-parity SIMM module slots
  • 2 MB Video RAM
  • 8-bit color depth
  • two RS-232 serial ports
  • HIL port
  • PS/2 keyboard port
  • PS/2 mouse port
  • Centronics parallel printer port
  • RJ45 twisted pair 10 Mbps ethernet port
  • AUI 10 Mbps ethernet port
  • BNC 10 Mbps ethernet port
  • VGA video connector
  • Expansion options:
    • 3.5" PC floppy drive
    • CD-quality audio
    • One expansion slot containing:
      • SCSI/ROM adapter card
      • Token Ring adapter card
      • 100VG AnyLan adapter card (HP proprietary 100 Mbps networking)
    • Two PCMCIA sockets for:
      • Boot-ROM card
      • SRAM cards containing fonts or a local copy of the X server


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