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{{{manufacturer}}} {{{model}}}
Manufacturer {{{manufacturer}}}
Model {{{model}}}
Introduced {{{intro_prior}}} {{{intro_month}}}, {{{intro_year}}}
Introductory Price {{{intro_price}}}
Discontinued {{{discontinued_month}}}, {{{discontinued_year}}}
Interfaces {{{interface}}},
Baud Rates {{{baud_rates}}}
Size {{{display_size}}}
Phosphors {{{phosphor}}}, {{{phosphor2}}}, {{{phosphor3}}}
Refresh Rates {{{refresh_rate}}} Hz, {{{refresh_rate2}}} Hz
Character Modes
Resolutions {{{char_resolution}}}, {{{char_resolution2}}}, {{{char_resolution3}}}, {{{char_resolution4}}}, {{{char_resolution5}}}, {{{char_resolution6}}}, {{{char_resolution7}}}, {{{char_resolution8}}}, {{{char_resolution9}}}, {{{char_resolution10}}}
Status Line {{{status_line}}}
Matrix {{{char_matrix}}}
Cell {{{char_cell}}}
Graphic Modes
Type {{{graphic_type}}}
Resolution {{{graphic_resolution}}}
CPU {{{cpu}}}
ROM {{{rom}}}
RAM {{{ram}}}
Personalities {{{personality1}}},
Code Chart CodeChart: page
Software Libraries
Terminfo Name {{{terminfo}}}
gnuplot Name {{{gnuplot}}}
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This template is used to create an infobox for a particular terminal.

The parameters are all named. Two of the parameters, manufacturer and model, are required and must match the PAGENAME of the article. All other parameters can be omitted and will result in no associated displayed information.

Section Parameter Meaning
Basic Information manufacturer (required) The name of the manufacturer, as categorized on the wiki. The name will be linked to the category page for the manufacturer. Detailed information about the manufacturer is given on it's category page, including links to any pages on Wikipedia for the company if they exist.
model (required) The model name of the terminal. In some cases the model name is reported inconsistently in different references, including different text from the manufacturer. Use a model name taxonomy that is consistent across all terminals from the same manufacturer. For instance, some documentation from DEC refers to the DEC VT100 as VT100 and some refers to it as VT-100.
image The filename of a canonical image uploaded for this terminal. It will be formatted as a thumbnail that links to the media page for the uploaded file. The uploaded file should be categorized to the manufacturer with the model name used as the sort key, e.g. [[Category:DEC|VT100]].
Lifetime intro_prior If non-empty, will result in the phrase prior to being prepended to the introduction date
intro_month The name of the month when the terminal was introduced, if known. This may be prior to the date when the terminal was actually available for shipment, as an announcement of the terminal may be made prior to it first being shipped as a product. Use January, February, etc.
intro_year The year in which the terminal was introduced.
intro_price The price of the terminal when it was first introduced.
discontinued_month The month in which the terminal was discontinued.
discontinued_year The year in which the terminal was discontinued.
Communication interface The primary communications interface offered by the terminal, e.g. RS-232C
interface2 A second interface offered by the terminal, e.g. 20 mA current loop
interface3 A third interface offered by the terminal, e.g. TTL
interface4 A fourth interface offered by the terminal
interface5 A fifth interface offered by the terminal
baud_rates The baud rates supported by the terminal. This only a range of baud rates is known, use the form smallest-largest, e.g. 100-19200. If all the discrete baud rates supported by the terminal are known, list them in order from smallest to largest, e.g. 100, 150, 300.
Display display_size For CRT terminals, the physical size of the display, usually measured diagonally, e.g. 13-inch.
phosphor For CRT terminals, the color of the phosphor used on the screen, e.g. green. If the particular phosphor designation is known indicate that before the color name, e.g. P4 white
phosphor2 For CRT terminals, a second phosphor color offered by the manufacturer.
phosphor3 For CRT terminals, a third phosphor color offered by the manufacturer.
refresh_rate For raster CRT terminals, the refresh rate of the display. The most common values are 50 Hz for European markets and 60 Hz for the US market.
refresh_rate2 For raster CRT terminals, a second refresh rate offered by the manufacturer. This may be configurable on the terminal, or offered by the manufacturer as a disctint model variant.
Character Modes char_resolution For alphanumeric CRT terminals, the primary resolution of the display in characters formatted as columnsxrows, e.g. 80x24. This value indicates the number of rows and columns that can be displayed on the screen at once and does not include additional memory for lines off-screen. If the terminal includes a status line, only include the status line in the character resolution count if the status line can be used to display ordinary text. For terminals with a configurable number of lines, such as the Ann Arbor Ambassador, use the format "smallest to largest", where smallest is the smallest possible character resolution and largest is the largest possible character resolution.
char_resolution10 For alphanumeric CRT terminals, up to 10 resolutions of the display in characters are supported, e.g. 132x24
status_line For alphanumeric CRT terminals, set to "yes" if the terminal can show a status line on the display.
attributes For alphanumeric CRT terminals, set to the list of attributes supported by the terminal. Recognized values are "normal", "bold", "blink", "half" (half intensity), "protected" (protected fields), "reverse" (reverse video), "underline". Every terminal supports the "normal" attribute. Most terminals support "bold", "underline", "blink", and "reverse". Some terminals support "half" (half intensity), and "protected". Double-width and double-height characters, e.g. as in DEC VT100, are not considered attributes.
char_matrix For alphanumeric terminals, the size of the dot pattern used to represent a character, e.g. 5x7. If the character matrix is displayed within a larger sized character cell, e.g. 5x7 matrix in a 7x9 cell, use 5x7 for the value of this parameter.
char_cell For alphanumeric terminals, the size of the cell used to show a character. This is always larger than the char_matrix parameter to allow for empty space to be shown between characters and between lines.
Graphic Modes graphic_type For raster graphics terminals, the type of graphics used on the display:
Monochrome Pixels are on or off.
StaticGray Pixels represent fixed shades of gray.
GrayScale Pixels select one of a set of user-defined shades of gray.
StaticColor Pixels select one of a fixed set of colors.
PseudoColor Pixels select one of a user-defined set of colors.
DirectColor Pixels directly encode colors that are passed through a correcting lookup table.
TrueColor Pixels directly encode colors.
graphic_resolution The pixel resolution of the terminal formatted as widthxheight, e.g. 1024x768.
Firmware cpu The name of the microprocessor, if any, for this terminal. Include the clock rate if it is known and always include the manufacturer of the architecture, e.g. 1 MHz Mostek 6502
rom The amount of firmware read-only memory for this terminal, if any, e.g. 32K
ram The amount of firmware random access memory for this terminal, if any, e.g. 2K. For raster CRT terminals, this is the memory used to refresh the screen.
personality1 The first name of another terminal that can be emulated by this terminal. It will be formatted as a link to the article for the emulated terminal.
personality25 Up to 25 personality names are supported.
Code Chart This field is deduced by the existance of a corresponding page in the CodeChart: namespace, which defines a summary of the control sequences consumed and generated by a particular terminal. See the CodeChart main page for a description of code charts.
Software Libraries terminfo The name used for this terminal in the terminfo database.
gnuplot The terminal type name used for this terminal as an output device for gnuplot.


{{infobox terminal
| manufacturer =
| model =
| image =
| intro_year =
| intro_month =
| intro_prior =
| intro_price =
| discontinued_year =
| discontinued_month =
| interface =
| interface2 =
| interface3 =
| interface4 =
| interface5 =
| baud_rates =
| display_size =
| phosphor =
| phosphor2 =
| phosphor3 =
| refresh_rate =
| refresh_rate2 =
| char_resolution =
| char_resolution2 =
| char_resolution3 =
| char_resolution4 =
| char_resolution5 =
| char_resolution6 =
| char_resolution7 =
| char_resolution8 =
| char_resolution9 =
| char_resolution10 =
| status_line =
| attributes = normal
| char_matrix =
| char_cell =
| graphic_type =
| graphic_resolution =
| cpu =
| rom =
| ram =
| personality1 =
| personality2 =
| personality3 =
| personality4 =
| personality5 =
| personality6 =
| personality7 =
| personality8 =
| personality9 =
| personality10 =
| personality11 =
| personality12 =
| personality13 =
| personality14 =
| personality15 =
| personality16 =
| personality17 =
| personality18 =
| personality19 =
| personality20 =
| personality21 =
| personality22 =
| personality23 =
| personality24 =
| personality25 =
| terminfo =
| gnuplot =