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Manufacturer DEC
Model VT278
Introduced 1981
Interface RS-232C
Phosphor white
Character Modes
Resolutions 80x24, 14x132
Attributes Normal,
Reverse Video
CPU 10 MHz Harris HD6120
RAM 32 K 12-bit words
Personalities DEC VT100

The DEC VT278, also known as the DECmate, is a combination of a PDP-8/E and a DEC VT100. The PDP-8/E is implemented via the Harris HD2160 CMOS microprocessor implementation of the PDP-8/E instruction set with some extensions. The DECmate comes standard with a dual RX02 floppy drive interface for local storage. An optional RL278 controller expands local storage with up to 4 RL02 hard drives.

The DP278 option adds two serial ports allowing the DECmate to act as a terminal connected to a remote host or modem. With the DP278 option, DECmate programs can be downloaded into the DECmate from the remote host. Local user programs running on the DECmate, and remote hosts via the DP278 option, can manipulate the screen via VT100 escape sequences.

PDP-8/E firmware in the DECmate handles input from the keyboard and output to the screen, including escape sequence processing, whereas a VT100 uses an Intel 8080 for it's firmware.