DEC VT1000

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DEC VT1000
Manufacturer DEC
Model VT1000
Introduced April, 1990
Introductory Price $2,895 to $13,995
Interface ethernet
Size 15-inch
Graphic Modes
Type Monochrome
Resolution 1024x864
CPU TI TMS 34010
RAM 1 MB to 4 MB
Personalities DEC VT52,
DEC VT100,
DEC VT220,

The DEC VT1000 terminal is a monochrome graphics terminal for the X Window System introduced in April, 1990. It sold for $2,895 (15-inch monitor, 1 MB RAM), $3,595 (19-inch monitor, 1 MB RAM), or $13,995 (electro-luminescent flat panel). Additional memory cost $600 per megabyte, for a maximum of 4 MB.[1][2]


  • TI TMS34010 processor
  • thin-wire ethernet, TCP/IP, LAT
  • 1 MB RAM, expandable to 4 MB
  • 15-inch or 19-inch CRT monitor
  • 19-inch electro-luminescent flat-panel monitor
  • 1024x864 resolution
  • emulates VT52, VT100, VT220 and VT320



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