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Real name: Torfinn Ingolfsen

About my interest in computers

Collecting vintage computers is one of my hobbies. When I grew up, there were lots of computer magazines where you could read about all the wonderful computers out there, but they all were very expensive back then. Today, some of them are available, and I collect some of the computers from my past whenever financials and physical space makes it possible. From my education and my first job, I got familiar with wikipedia:Norsk Data computers and Tandberg terminals. Today, there isn't enough information on the internet about either of these, I try to add a bit of the missing information when I can. You can find my contributions about terminals on this wiki, and about ND computers at the NDWiki.

work on this wiki

Suggestions, hints and advice on how to improve my contributions to this wiki is appreciated.

External documents

Tandberg TDV 2200 Hardware manual (PDF), revision 0, October 1980.


various items for me (or others) to research and write about.

2013-09-29: today I have seen a Tandberg TDV 5220 terminal. It looks like a TDV 1200 series. It has a keyboard that looks like a TDV 5010 keyboard.

Facit Twist:,2392773

A Tandberg Topaz 2400 monochrome terminal is mentioned in the GPGS-F user guide (PDF), Appendix E, driver 68. GPGS is General Purpose Graphics System. Other terminals mentioned in the same appendix are Tandberg Topaz 2500 colour terminal (driver 70), Tandberg 1200 (Ruby) monochrome raster terminal (driver 71), Norsk Data Technostation colour display (driver 73) and Norsk Data OWS-55/-85 (driver 75).

2013-09-09: Tandberg TDV 2324 is a CP/M computer, see Tandberg 2324 and Tandberg TDV2324 CP/M computer from the 70s

2013-04-20: lists the following terminals: TDV 2115 L, TDV 2230, TDV 2324, TDV 2270, TDV 2270 S