Tandberg TDV 2115

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Tandberg TDV 2115
Manufacturer Tandberg
Model TDV 2115
Interfaces RS-232C (V.24),
20 mA (TTY) current loop
Baud Rates 110, 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200
Size 16 inch
Phosphor P4 (White)
Character Modes
Resolution 80x25
Matrix 7x9

The Tandberg TDV 2115 terminal was the predecessor to the Tandberg TDV 2215 terminal. Pictures found on the web[1][2][3]. The Tandberg TDV 2115 is a TTY replacement in the TDV 2100-series of terminals, a family based on a set of basic modules. (Screen) Cover plate in green or yellow.


The TDV 2115 is available in three versions.

TDV 2115 L

Special characteristics:

  • Flexibility - display mode, cursor characteristics and of course the line interface are customer specified and set by switches at factory on delivery, or even changed in the field.
  • A 7 x 9 character matrix with lower case descenders provides excellent readability.
  • The range of asynchronous speeds include 19200 baud.

TDV 2115 C

Special characteristics:

  • Microprocessor based TTY replacement to offer a variety of emulators and satisfy specific customer needs.
  • Optional printer interface to allow hard copy of screen contents at speeds from 300 to 4800 baud.
  • Optional 127 character set.

TDV 2115 CV

Special characteristics:

  • A special version of the TDV 2115 C having video output capabiliy. A European standard video monitor with video input facility can be connected.
  • The character matrix is 5x7 to comply with the CCIR video monitor standard.


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