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Unable to reference proper page link for Computer World. Should be pg 18 of the "NCC Preview" insert:

Can't get Google Books to give up the absolute page # of anything in the insert.

There are several parameters to the Computerworld, InfoWorld, etc., templates that handle this. See Template:Computerworld for an explanation of the parameters. I fixed this one by doing a couple things: 1) inserting a page_prefix=PT to tell the template that the page name is referenced as PT18 not PA18. Most of the time Google books uses PA as the prefix, but sometimes it uses something else. 2) Use display_page_prefix=P/ to tell the template that the display page number should be prefixed with "P/", i.e. "P/18". When the Google books page number and the magazine page number differ you can use display_page=P/80 to tell the template to display "P/80" as the page number, regardless of what page number the link has in it. Legalize 17:25, 25 June 2014 (CDT)