Perkin-Elmer Owl 1200

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Perkin-Elmer Owl 1200
Manufacturer Perkin-Elmer
Model Owl 1200
Introduced January, 1977
Introductory Price $1,795
Interface RS-232C
Baud Rates 9600
Size 12-inch
Character Modes
Resolution 80x24
Attributes Normal,
Half Intensity,
Reverse Video
Matrix 9x12
CPU Motorola 6800

The Perkin-Elmer Owl 1200 terminal was introduced in January, 1977 at a price of $1,795.[1][2]


  • ASCII character set
  • 9x12 dot matrix character cell, with lower case descenders
  • attributes: inverse video, half intensity, blink, protected, numeric only, nondisplay and modified
  • editing features: insert/delete character on line, clear screen, clear unprotected and clear line/field
  • SEND keys can be programmed to send all or part of the screen or programmed to send only a "request to send header"
  • options:
    • X-Y coordinate line drawing capability
    • polling select option for $86


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