Facit 4420

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Facit 4420
Manufacturer Facit
Model 4420
Introduced June, 1981
Introductory Price $1,426
Interfaces RS-232C,
20mA current loop
Baud Rates 50, 110, 150, 200, 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200
Size 12-inch
Phosphor green
Character Modes
Resolution 80x24
Attributes Normal
Matrix 5x7
Cell 7x10
Personalities DEC VT52,
Hazeltine 1500,
Lear Siegler ADM-3A

The Facit 4420 terminal was introduced in June, 1981 at a price of $1,426.[1]

This terminal is a special version created for Norsk Data[2], with special keys for ND NOTIS[3] functions, and was sold by Norsk Data from 1982 under the product number ND 248.[4]. Cursor-addressable, serial video terminal. Compatible to the VT52 (and ADM 3A and Hazeltine H1500). Keyboard has 96 keys, keyboard indicators: ON LINE, KBD LOCKED, ALT KEYPAD, FORMAT MODE, XMIT PARTIAL, PRINT ONLINE, TRANSP MODE. It has a built-in speaker for key click and bell. Weight is 20kg, including keyboard.