Digital Engineering HiSCAN

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Digital Engineering HiSCAN
Manufacturer Digital Engineering
Model HiSCAN
Introduced September, 1984
Introductory Price $2,195 or $2,995
Character Modes
Resolutions 80x24, 132x24
Graphic Modes
Type Monochrome
Resolution 800x600
Personalities DEC VT220,
Tektronix 4010,
Tektronix 4014,
Tektronix 4027,
Tektronix 4105
Software Libraries
gnuplot Name regis

The Digital Engineering HiSCAN was introduced in September, 1984 at a price of $2,195 for the monochrome configuration and $2,995 for the color configuration. It is a graphics terminal designed to be compatible with Tektronix 4010, Tektronix 4027, Tektronix 4105 and ReGIS graphics protocols.[1]



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