Datagraphix 132A

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Datagraphix 132A
Manufacturer Datagraphix
Model 132A
Introduced March, 1977
Introductory Price $3,950
Interface RS-232
Baud Rates 110-9600
Size 8.5x11-inch
Character Modes
Resolution 132x30
CPU Intel 8080A

The Datagraphix 132A terminal was introduced in June, 1977 at a price of $3,950 (8K of RAM). Expansion to 16K of RAM cost an additional $500 and an optional printer interface is $150.[1][2]

The 132A uses a shaped beam display to project preformed glyphs for the 96 printable ASCII characters.


  • 60 or 120 line buffer
  • cursor control
  • single-line editing
  • tabbing
  • scrolling
  • dual brightness
  • full or half duplex
  • RS-232C printer interface


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